debut album on A&M released 1987

Black’s breakthrough album rode to the number three spot on the back of ‘Wonderful life’ and ‘Sweetest Smile’, both UK top ten hits. Record Mirror would later describe Black’s first hit Sweetest Smile as “a beautiful, slow croon. Sufficiently different from the usual conveyor-belt of identikit hits to distract the listener and stretch their attention span to four minutes.”

The album ‘Wonderful life’ went on to sell two million copies worldwide. Although ‘Wonderful life’ and ‘Sweetest smile’ are both melancholy ballads, it is European hit ‘Everything’s coming up roses’ that better defines much of the rest of the album of upbeat, electric guitar and synth-driven rock.

Reviewers would later come to consider the sound of the album dated, but the strength of the underlying songs has ensured a successful acoustic revival on Colin’s later albums. ‘Wonderful life’ is still widely available on CD, featuring five tracks not released on the vinyl edition.

“I have little but good memories of this pre-success period,” says Colin today. “Hand me the number of Dial-a-Fudge – I wish to send an order to whoever it was that said that the trick to life is keeping it simple!”