Water On Snow

Colin Vearncombe: Water On Snow

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Tracklisting (click title for lyrics):
Alive, Last day of a long winter, Black eyed Susan, Water on snow, Let the wind blow, You lift me up, Famous, Go home, Cool

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studio album 2000

Opening with ‘Alive’, now familiar from ‘Abbey Road Live’, ‘Water on Snow’ was Colin’s second solo studio album. The title track is one of Colin’s most accomplished songs, starting with unaccompanied singing by Alison Clark and building to a crescendo over nearly seven minutes, trickling away gently at the end. ‘Famous’ was Colin’s sardonic take on fame. “I should be a star, driving all the girls insane…Wear the finest clothes, have a brand new nose…Oh, I should be famous,” he sang. While Colin’s songs are sometimes written in the voice of other people, ‘Cool’ was the first time he sang a song written for a female narrator: “It would be so cool to be your girl.”. ‘You lift me up’ was a re-interpretation of the 1991 b-side of the same name.

The album was Colin’s most generous for songwriting credits, with four songs written collaboratively.

The album was released exclusively through colinvearncombe.com