30-track double-cd released Nov 2002

‘Smoke up close’ is an acoustic album of 30 songs, written in three months and recorded in seven sessions. “No overdubs, no edits. Because I said I would,” said Colin. “I needed to stand naked in front of the world.”

Encouraged by the audience reaction to the acoustic tours, Colin took the opportunity to create songs and record them without any of the lavish arrangements often associated with his work.

As 30 acoustic tracks spread across two CDs, it’s demanding of listeners and one of his least accessible works. But while the album can be challenging, as single albums (or tracks shuffled on an iPod, perhaps?) the music here is among Colin’s most touching and most rewarding.

While ‘Water on snow’ could have been a Black album, Colin insisted that ‘Smoke up close’ was too personal to ever be anything but a Colin Vearncombe solo album.

Now available as part of our Blackatalog reissue and as downloads from iTunes and CD Baby

original album credits

Produced and mixed by Colin Vearncombe and Martin Green
All tracks written by Colin Vearncombe except ‘Come To Me’ written by Colin
Vearncombe and William Topley and ‘Trouble Forgot You’ written by Colin
Vearncombe and Graham Henderson
Recorded by Martin Green, mastered by Pete Brown
P&C 2002 Nero Schwarz Limited

All tracks published by Hornall Brothers (Music) Ltd. Except ‘Come To Me’
published by Hornall Brothers (Music) Ltd./BMG and ‘Trouble Forgot You’
published by Hornall Brothers (Music) Ltd./copyright control

30 songs written in three months, performed in seven sessions – no overdubs, no edits
30 songs because I said I would
With love, Colin