studio album released 1988

Although it failed to repeat the debut album’s phenomenal commercial success, second album Comedy better meets the promise of Black’s early singles, comprising mainly wry ballads and broadening Black’s appeal. The songwriting is less guarded and more daring here: ‘Let me watch you make love’ is Black’s most intimate recording, and dedicating ‘All we need is the money’ to the people of Liverpool represents Colin’s most overtly political statement on record. Colin described the album as ‘lighter and more lyrical’ than ‘Wonderful life’.

Time Out’s Laura Lee Davies wrote: “Immaculate songs like ‘The Big One’, ‘You’re a big girl now’ and ‘All we need is the money’… melt irresistibly over your heart with the epic charms of a kitsch French movie. There’s no flag waving or duelling guitars here, just the odd blustery crescendo and some Spanish flavouring… Smooth, very smooth.”

Comedy was issued in the US with different tracks, including remixes of ‘Wonderful life’ and ‘Sweetest Smile’. Robin Millar, best known for his work with Sade, shared production duties with Dave Dix.

Comedy delivered chart success across Europe.