studio album released 7 November 2005

After nearly 50 new songs, extensive solo tours and three live albums capturing them for posterity, Colin Vearncombe goes into hiding once more: Black is back. Between Two Churches‚ released in 2005, is the first Black album since 1993. ‘The ambiguity of the name Black gives me valuable freedom as a singer/songwriter’, said Colin of the return to his former pen name.

This is the one I’ve been working towards: the best one since the first one.

The album spills over with catchy melodies, swings between rock and folky acoustic tracks, and is both energetic and mature.

I am deeply moved. This is a coming of age record with a difference, said Comedy co-producer Robin Millar.

Between Two Churches was produced by Calum MacColl. Calum’s songwriting, production and performance credits include work with Brian Kennedy, Eddi Reader, Boo Hewerdine and Christie Hennessy.

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