Any Colour You Like

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This CD is out of stock and was replaced in December 2016 by the 2-CD Deluxe Edition

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Compilation Album – released 5th September 2011

Voted for by fans of Black – for those who would be….if they knew.

Any Colour You Like was released as a download on the 5th September 2011.
The tracklisting was voted for by members of the Blacklist mailing list and contains tracks from the past 20 years of releases on the Nero Schwarz label.

The album was available for the price of one song (75p) for the launch period. This launch period is now over.

The album features the 2002 re-record of Wonderful Life – released for the first time along with a 2011 re-record of Sweetest Smile. Previously un-released tracks also include a live version of ‘Water On Snow’ recorded at The Aquarium in 2010 and a new remix of the track ‘Tomorrow is Another Night’ (from Water on Stone).

The album concludes with a version of the track ‘Where The River Bends’ as used in the film ‘The Pier’.

The CD was available in a cardboard slipcase direct from this site, with a downloadable PDF of the album artwork, and a download of the 16 track album from the Nero Schwarz download store.


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