when i was him

the old cliché why to begin?
include me out of any mess you’re stepping in
but if he swings you need to know
la ronde can have you slipping further down than you have ever known

you and i, wonderful life
it already hasn’t happened yet and here’s the why
on your back or on your knees it seems to make no difference
to what you think you need

tell me something i already don’t know
tell the reasons why you have to sneak around
and go with him
i know when i was him
i wanted more than cliché

you and i and me and him
there’s something that this whole wide world can’t come between
to sit in hell and count the stars
as they flicker dimly and then one by one go out

tell me something that you don’t want me to know
a secret burns away to leave an acid hole
that’s filled by him
i know when i was him
i wanted more than chocolate sex
and amyl high and supernova suicides
you only laugh to make him cry
a fantasy of how you’re right
to strip your clothes and pawn the crown
everyone’s a winner when you’re on the way down

enjoy before you lie and sleep forever