What Makes A Fool

If I had more than this to give
I’d probably do what you’re wanting me to;
I’d have you back
Though it tore me in two
I’m no exception to the rule
That makes a fool

And if I had more than one life to live
I’d probably want what you were hoping I’d got
And take you back
With no memory of wounds
No exception to the rule creates a fool

I don’t work it out but here’s my guess
You liked me better when you knew me less
I was lucky at the tables but when it came to love
It seems that
Dying young takes all the best

And I love you so much I’d be your clothes
Where my heart wanders the action follows
And as hard as it is to keep from wanting you
I’ve got a choice of what will kill me

And it won’t be you…

What makes a fool?


Appears on:

Water On Stone

Vocals & guitar – CV
Electric guitars – Calum MacColl
Bass guitar – Simon Edwards
Drums & percussion – Liam Bradley
Cello – Bertrand Galen
Violin – Marja Gaynor
Piano – Maurice Seezer

Recorded at Bryn Derwen by David Wrench
Additional recording at Jerusalem by Andy Patterson
Mixed by Rafe McKenna

Co-produced by CV & AP

Words & Music – Colin Vearncombe
© 2009 Colin Vearncombe – published by Hornall Brothers Music