that was yesterday

he was once bitten twice shy;

he was that type of guy
an honest man no doubt with much to be honest about
but he laughed as he danced as if turned inside out
he says: the injured have their reasons not to hear the word no
they skirt the action and the has beens
the sour, sour pussies and the glamour queens
they say: i’ll find you baby, i’ll find you
even when i cant’ face to turn the lights
down low and dream

‘cause that was yesterday
that was someone who lived inside yesterday as if
yesterday was the only place he knew

she was ten times shy she’d known the kind of guy
who could undress her slowly only with their eyes
and wish the million miles between their places
she said: i like your eyes they’re like headlights in the rain,
what are you doing tonight, won’t you tell me your name?
we could go down to the piazza of tiny feet
amid the cheap perfume and the cigarette smoke
and the vials and pills for no specific ills
but without them you feel like you’d choke
on the blackness and waste of your heart

but that was yesterday that was someone who lived
inside yesterday like yesterday’s the only place he knew
that was yesterday
when i was someone who
lived in yesterday
as if yesterday’s the only thing he knew
i wanted yesterday
like i wanted to
live inside yesterday
it was the only place reminded me of you

we wanted yesterday
we still want yesterday
but now
we want tomorrow too