summer rain

did i? yes i thought your name, your body line, your auburn mane
a forgotten half remembered game that’s lost in time I
loved you once i love you still though it seems we both have had our fill
of things that linger on until we can’t look away

this place has everything you want but nothing that you need
and it’s hard to leave
what we can’t reveal they already see

we can’t see ourselves from the outside in
looking back at where we’ve been
and grinning at the mess we’re in when we could cry
had you forgotten i’m a man, a rebel on his knees
smart enough to love you but afraid of what it means?

enough to want to hide all the things he had inside
where none can see
what we don’t show they already see

good time boys and print through girls
thin cotton dresses clinging, dancing and singing
in the summer rain

come on in the water’s fine reminds me of the time
i skinny dipped with Madeline and didn’t take her home that night
and it’s not that i don’t care no more
just as we live our values change
one more thing to re-arrange until it fits