You might say I’m wastin’
My time is going, gone
I’m only hesitating between the bouts of holding on
But I am warm in the places that used to be cold
I kept all the things the others sold
Going naked again

You might say I’m fadin’
The grace notes of a song
A tune that’s going nowhere but where the other tunes have gone
But I am strong in the places that used to be weak
Strong enough to cry and know the reason
Going naked again

I see that I’m changing
Another time has come
A prisoner of the past but only if I turn and run
‘cause I can sing the places that others only dream
And I can dream the faces never seen
Going naked again


Appears on:

The Given
Vocals, guitar – Colin
Bass guitar – Edgar Jones
Drums & percussion – Grenville Harrop
Strings, timps, guitar, organ – Andy Patterson
Piano – Maurice Seezer
Backing vox – Colin, Camilla, Fergus O’Farrell

Recorded at Ape Studios by Dan Hulme
Recorded at Jerusalem by Andy Patterson
Mixed by Andy Patterson
Co-produced by Colin & Andy Patterson

Words & Music – Colin Vearncombe
Published by Hornall Brothers Music Ltd.