Come Out of the Rain

Angel with your head down in a storm
I know the lonely place you’re running from
So have I got to tell you
It’s alright to start again
Say when and baby come out of the rain

You’ve been inside your head for far too long
Come live inside your life before it’s gone
I know you want to tell me it comes on like a tidal wave
Hold tight and baby, come out of the rain

I’d pull down the sky for you
Try all that I cannot do
And I’d steal a line from “angel eyes” as we sit and watch the water rise
Counting as you break the ties hold angels to their wings

Angel with your heart turned inside out
There’s no silent running in reality
You’ve got to let your number count
And though it’s like to choke you
And comes on a like a hurricane
Walk straight and
Baby, come out of the rain

Vearncombe/Gary Clark