No Second Chances

Open my heart,
I open my heart
Take what my eyes can see
Here are my hands
There are my bags

Saddle up girl
Saddle up girl
Saddle up girl for me
The craziest things…they say the craziest things!

But oh no…
If you go you go for good
When you can you stay away
There’s no excuse, no second chances
And I?
I do what I have to

The rivers run dry
The plains are as wide and high as the eye can see
The strangest things…I see the strangest things


Appears on:

The Given
Vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vox – Colin
Electric guitars – Calum MacColl
Bass guitar – Simon Edwards
Drums & Percussion – Liam Bradley
Additional Percussion, Harmonica, backing vox – Andy Patterson

Recorded at The Grange by Dave Williams
Recorded at Jerusalem by Andy Patterson
Mixed by Andy Patterson
Co-produced by Colin & Andy Patterson

Words & Music – Colin Vearncombe
Published by Hornall Brothers Music Ltd.