Her Coat and No Knickers

You told a few lies and they came back on you
So you told a hundred more until she came back to you
But she only stayed a while
Just long enough to say the kind of things left to be said
In the cold light of day
And she smelled of Xmas trees, coffee and vanilla
Calcutta after snowfall, she’s no-one’s stand in mother
But I drifted into her like I could run myself aground
And keep her smiling at the sight of the blackness spilling out

And I don’t mind if you don’t care about it
I’ll get by without her arms around me
As long as I can sit on my own
In her coat and no knickers

I believe it doesn’t matter
So don’t look at me that way
Like I should notice how you look at me that way
That’s just the way you look when you look at me that way and I believe it
doesn’t matter
At least not much anyway

I never dreamed I could be lost in a place I know so well
But I was running on the spot in the darkness ‘til I fell
And then pulling off my clothes I want to step out of my skin
And paint a tattoo on my heart shows an arrow
Pointing in