Chapter and Verse

I saw you standing by the 101,
holding out your sign
Saying if you want me you’ll be mine
Even when I’m gone you’ll still hear my lonely song and you’ll want me back

I stared in the rear view mirror and slowed and pulled on over to the side of the road
Here you come humming walking up to me, a smile on your face that I can’t read and then laying across the hood of my car you say;
You look lonely as a star

Try living as a box-car gypsy
Try sleeping in the dirt
Wake thinking that you can’t stand up straight
Spend a lifetime thinking you’re cursed
Try living with the low rent crazies
Dealing with the worst
And then you’re dancing for the dust bowl hobos
Start drinking somebody gets hurt
You write the prayer book;
Chapter and verse

And I start blinking as we drive towards the sun, looking at your face
And wondering what you’ve done that brought you to this place
And what’s inside that I can’t see would make me want you back………

Black hair hanging down to your waist
Not a single line on an ancient face
A look in her eyes I could fall right through and she asks me;
What and why do you…?
“You’re not sitting in a car, that’s not who you are”!
And then she slapped my face


Appears on:

The Given
Vocals, acoustic guitar – Colin
Electric guitars – Calum MacColl
Bass guitar – Simon Edwards
Drums & percussion – Liam Bradley
Mandola – Paul Tiernan
Strings – Rob Stringer
Backing vox – Colin, Fergus O’Farrell

Recorded at Bryn Derwen Studios by David Wrench
Recorded at Jerusalem by Andy Patterson
Mixed by Rafe McKenna
Co-produced by Colin & Andy Patterson

Words & Music – Colin Vearncombe/William Topley
Published by Hornall Brothers Music Ltd./Copyright Control