The story so far...

Nero Schwarz Music Limited is an independent record label and publishing company originally founded by Colin Vearncombe (aka Black).

Since it was established in 1993 we’ve released 15 albums, 3 EPs, a handful of singles, and produced various videos, films and other promotional material to accompany the music releases. The recordings are available directly from us and through the usual download and online retail channels (iTunes, Amazon etc) all available through the Music tab.

In addition to the Nero Schwarz releases we own the masters to the re-recordings of Colin’s best-known songs, Wonderful Life and Sweetest Smile. For master licensing requests please email us. This site was also a conduit for Colin’s other creative output including his art and two collections of poetry.

Following Colin’s tragic death in January 2016 the label was put on hiatus. While we regrouped and dealt with the emotional and business implications of the changes, we put together a deluxe edition of Any Colour You Like that we intend to keep available as a part of Colin’s lasting legacy. There are other plans in progress but we do not wish to make any promises until they are ready to publish. Please join the mailing list if you want to stay up to date with developments.

We continue to hold some long-term plans to expand the label and facilitate releases by other artists, especially by those we know that Colin admired, or would have. However, please do not send us demos of your recordings because we don’t have the resources to build a full-service label and your demos will be returned unopened (sorry).

How to get in touch

For all Colin Vearncombe aka Black related information, please visit

For all enquiries about current and future releases, please email us.

Postal address

Nero Schwarz Music Limited
P O Box 109
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